Like this article? Support us by subscribing here. Your donation will help us continue to provide quality-of-life news and make local impact possible. By Linda T. Kennedy Ancient Greek Philosopher Theosporatus (c. 371–287 BCE) claimed the sound of the flute would cure epilepsy and sciatic gout. While current scientists have yet […]

ANI | Up to date: Oct 16, 2023 16:00 IST SRV MediaNew Delhi [India], October 16: Vadodara, referred to as the cultural capital of the state, has embraced cultures from the world over through the Worldwide Folklore Pageant 2023, commemorating people artwork and distinctive traditions. Parul College, true to its […]

Neil Finn Photograph: provided Listening to a gaggle of proficient Māori musicians making an attempt to find collectively “an genuine Aotearoa New Zealand sound” is a pleasure Neil Finn will get to expertise proudly owning a music studio. The Crowded Home frontman, who “undoubtedly employed” the Māori strum on the band’s 1986 […]

December 19, 2023December 20, 2023 Paul Purchaser is in his twenty sixth yr of instructing at Clemson College. In some way, he is ready to juggle the burden of administrative duties and personal classes, function the director of percussion and writer an enticing textbook on what music appears (and […]